The Safety for Seniors Story

Safety For Seniors caters specifically to the bathroom safety concerns of seniors and any person who has been challenged with mobility issues.

Safety for Seniors was launched after a discussion about aging parents.

It was simple. They wanted to remain living at home.

Bathroom safety modifications that improve accessibility

We wanted to honour their wishes. Keeping them safe was our top priority.

Luckily for us, over 30 years in the bathroom renovation business allowed us modify our Mother's home to suit her changing needs.

However, we became painfully aware of the gaping hole in services for seniors wishing to stay at home well into their retirement years.

An idea was born and we decided that we would devote our time to helping seniors remain living safely at home.

We understand how important it is for seniors to feel safe and secure in the home they love.

Bathroom renovations, shower conversions

We created Safety for Seniors to offer cost effective bathroom modifications and safety upgrades to prevent a dangerous slip and fall.

All products are top quality and guaranteed.

Every person performing work in your home is licensed, fully insured and covered by WSIB. We warranty our work.

Safety for Seniors is the most economical choice for top quality safety equipment and guaranteed installation service. On time & on budget.

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Fall & Injury Prevention

Slip and fall injuriesIt may sound strange, but... bathing and showering can be hazardous.

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for someone with mobility challenges. 

Many seniors are being injured at home, especially in bathroom related slip and fall accidents.

Really, this makes sense, the bath is slippery when wet - a fall can happen in an instant.

Installing a Walk-Thru Insert may be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of a serious accident.

Falls account for more than half of all injuries among Canadians 65 years and over.

One third of all Canadian seniors will experience a fall this year. Half of those will fall more than once.

Prevent bathroom slip and falls

The likelihood of dying from a fall-related injury increases with age.

Among seniors, 20% of deaths related to injury can be traced back to a fall.

Safety for Seniors will help you choose the right bathroom safety precautions.

Most of us take it for granted that we can take care of our own personal hygiene needs.

One slip and fall can cause major injury and strip away the independence of a senior.

The best option is simply not to fall. Safety for Seniors can help. (519) 915-2334

Prevent a slip and fall accident in the bathroom

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