Quick Tub Testimonials

Walk in bathtub with Quick Tub door installedPeople who install a Quick Tub walk-thru insert are excited and happy about their choice.

Having an accessible bathroom has allowed seniors to maintain their privacy, independence and dignity.

You can convert your existing bathtub into a safe step-in shower with the ability to return to a secure and fully functional bathtub within seconds.

Your bathroom renovation is quick, cost effective and you will experience very little disruption.

Health and financial professionals sing the praises of the Quick Tub Step In Shower System. Here is what a few of them had to say:

A good solultion for Mom

Mark, a Certified Financial Planner writes about his own personal experiences with his mother.

It's not very often I find myself compelled to write a company testimonial.

My wife and I have found ourselves a part of the "sandwich generation" and we need all the help we can get.

Raising a young family as well as taking care of an aging mother can create challenges both in our time and financial resources.

I was made aware of the walk through products for bathtubs a few years ago and had one installed for my mother.

Quick Tub walk thru insert

It was the perfect product for her as she was having increasing difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub.

The only drawback was that she could no longer take a bath nor could my kids when they visited her.

I was very happy to find out that someone had created a door that could be used with this walk through.

It's so easy to use and Quick Tub's removable door has given my mother and my kids the ability to once again enjoy taking a bath any time they feel like it.

We love the fact that the door can be stored and out of the way when it is not being used.

My mother loves this handy feature most of all, as she takes showers the majority of the time.

These two products combine the extra measure of bathroom safety for my mother while still allowing anyone to enjoy a nice hot bath.

Walk thru insert with quick tub door installed

These products represent the most affordable solution offered anywhere, and the installation only took a few hours.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Quick Tub Step in Bath and Shower Conversion to anyone.

In fact, as a Certified Financial Planner and business owner, I have taken the initiative to recommend these great products to assist many of my clients that are experiencing similar challenges, and my clients that simply wish to stay in their homes longer into their retirement years.

Mark Locke, CFP

A crucial aid for caregivers

Walk thru tub inserts help caregivers

A bath or shower can be one of the most enjoyable and refreshing activities of the day for many elderly individuals.

Sometimes however, regular bathing does not occur because it involves a great undertaking by the older adult and / or the caregiver.

Helping someone over the high tub wall of a standard bathtub may result in injuries to the caregiver - especially to the back.

Safety for Seniors has the solution for both senior and caregiver safety.

This cost effective bathing solution will truly deliver all the safety, convenience, and comfort you desire.

Brenda, a registered nurse working in a retirement residence sent us her praise for the Quick Tub.

I am writing this letter to you about your great product "Quick Tub."

We here at the Georgian Retirement Residence were honoured to use the prototype for almost a year for testing.

From the time it was installed it was a fantastic product.

We had to put it in place for a lady who moved in with an electric tub chair which put her in and out of the tub. She insisted on using the tub.

It was lucky that you had designed the new door just at that time. She was, and still is very impressed with it.

When the new product was in production we bought two, one for this lady and one for anyone else who comes into a room which has a cut out and wants a tub.

I have promoted the "Quick Tub" product to all my peers in the retirement industry.

It is a wonderful product which gives a home (retirement residence or private) the choice of a tub or a walk in shower.

I am very happy to recommend this product to all who will listen.

Brenda Tozer, RN

Medical professionals agree

The following letter was written by Daniel, a Registered Physiotherapist.

As a Registered Physiotherapist, I am frequently dealing with individuals who are looking to optimize their mobility and maintain their independence.

The Walk thru insert is completely flatI regularly recommend the Quick Tub system as an affordable and effective option for self-bathing.

I am not aware of any other product on the market that provides the walk through option with a removable door feature.

Daniel Flint, R.P.T.

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